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What is Cymatherapy?

cymatherapy energetic bioresonance rebalancing pdf

Cymatherapy is a noninvasive sound and magnetic therapy which uses sophisticated instruments to transmit combinations of audible sound frequencies associated with healthy organs, cells, and tissues – aiding the body’s natural healing processes.

This holistic approach doesn’t focus on treating just one part of the body, but rather addresses any imbalances within its subtle energy systems and flows. Product, medication and allergen testing and harmonizing are also covered as part of this service.


Research indicates that a healthy body is a dynamic energy system and all tissues possess their own biosignatures or vibrational signatures, which may become altered due to toxins, pathogens, stress or destructive emotions or simply getting older. When this happens the natural frequency or resonant frequency of cells becomes altered leading to pain or disease; Cymatherapy uses sound wave frequencies to resynchronize their natural resonance frequency for maximum effectiveness and ease.

Cymatherapy helps the body heal itself by restoring its rhythmic cycles. According to several studies – including thermography – Cymatherapy has been proven effective at significantly reducing long-term inflammation within the body – this finding being especially notable since inflammation is known for being one of the precursors to chronic illnesses and many cancers.

Cymatherapy goes further by balancing electromagnetic fields within the body that have been altered due to physical injury or emotional trauma, helping restore the ability for your body to communicate properly with itself and with its environment. While conventional medicine treats symptoms individually, Cymatherapy aims to address root cause of problems directly for holistic healing.

Mandara Cromwell is an innovative woman entrepreneur and the creator of AMI Acoustic Meridian Intelligence Cymatherapy device, an AMI Acoustic Meridian Intelligence Cymatherapy device that utilizes vibrational medicine techniques. She is widely known as an authority on vibrational medicine combining science with spiritual practices; creating new art forms through sound-made-visible images showing healing frequencies present within her devices.

At each session, you will relax comfortably in front of a device while it delivers health frequencies through Chinese medicine meridian pathways in both feet and hands. These specific sound code frequencies, known as commutations, support normalizing imbalances within your body by resynchronizing cell vibrational resonance and stimulating balance and harmony within each cell’s natural harmonic resonance.

Cymatherapy, developed by British osteopath Dr. Peter Guy Manners and his team of scientists, builds on his research findings that our bodies each possess their own vibrational signature that can be measured. Dr. Manners passed his discoveries onto Mandara Cromwell who then utilized them within her company’s line of Cymatherapy products.


Conventional medicine based on Newtonian thinking views the body as a biomechanical system that can be treated by medicating symptoms or illness with medication. Cymatherapy uses sound waves to reshape energy patterns within the body so it functions more effectively, something Cromwell founded the International Sound Therapy Association to do. She owns Cyma Technologies which manufactures her inventions – like her AMI 750 Acoustic Meridian Intelligence device nominated for the Thomas Edison award 2013. Furthermore, two films featuring healing frequencies featuring healing frequencies have also been produced featuring Cromwell.