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The Benefits of Frequency Specific Microcurrent Therapy

Frequency specific microcurrent therapy has been demonstrated to aid older adults in avoiding muscle atrophy and maintaining strength, helping reduce sarcopenia progression. Furthermore, frequency specific microcurrent has also been found beneficial for healing injuries or surgical operations, decreasing inflammation levels and improving nerve function.

Results of frequency specific microcurrent treatment depend on an accurate diagnosis. For more information, it is wise to reach out to a trained practitioner.

Increased ATP Production

In order for our bodies to heal themselves, they need to generate their own energy through cellular Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) synthesis – this provides fuel for every chemical reaction within our bodies and stimulates production as well as other cellular processes like protein synthesis and waste product removal. FSM has also been found effective at stimulating this production alongside exercises designed to strengthen muscle protein synthesis, improve conditioning and speed recovery after injury.

FSM differs from most electrotherapy machines by employing lower frequency currents that are more comfortable for the body. This type of current can be applied anywhere on the body and especially effective when targeting deeper skeletal muscles for softening; this deep muscle softening results in profound and easily palpable changes to tissue texture caused by resonance effect when applying frequencies specific to each condition.

FSM is a holistic therapy which effectively treats pain, inflammation and scar tissue in a wide variety of conditions including fibromyalgia, auto, work and sports injuries, nerve pain, myofascial pain syndrome trigger point therapy arthritis slipped discs sciatica carpal tunnel syndrome chronic fatigue shingles kidney stone pain etc.

One of the keys to successfully treating pain is accurate diagnosis. Shoulder discomfort could stem from muscle, bursa, joint, or visceral organ problems – treating any one of them incorrectly will only exacerbate your suffering further. FSM provides highly successful solutions by targeting its source – it identifies and addresses pain generators as part of its approach and is therefore effective against numerous conditions.

Frequency specific microcurrent therapy (FSM) is extremely safe. There are few side effects, and most users experience only mild detoxification reactions similar to that experienced after receiving massage therapy; this reaction results from long-held waste products being released and increased cellular metabolism; it’s an integral part of healing that happens with all treatments, but FSM may be particularly safe during pregnancy; as with any treatment however, consult your healthcare provider first if pregnant or have health concerns before proceeding with any therapy plan.

Increased Circulation

Like an electrical current of a battery causing electrons to flow from one end of a circuit to the other, an FSM device places electrodes on the body that create a similar current called a pulsed current that allows cells of your body to respond more quickly and effectively by pulling in and out ions of water within them, leading to increased metabolic processes as well as blood and lymph fluid circulation.

Frequency specific microcurrent increases both nutrients to muscles and waste products being expelled extracellularly, helping rebalance their metabolic processes, increasing strength and endurance while helping prevent injuries. It reduces pro-inflammatory cytokine release which serves as the body’s natural response to inflammation as well as helping with pain reduction.

FSM also works to boost ATP production from fibroblasts (the cells responsible for wound healing and connective tissue growth in your body), providing both short-term and long-term relief of pain by increasing endorphin production and helping repair damaged cellular pathways responsible for pain perception – often providing long-term comfort relief.

Microcurrent therapy has been demonstrated to effectively decrease scar tissue formation, increase angiogenesis (the formation of new blood vessels), and foster regenerative growth in injured tissues, all with the aim of improving nerve function and speeding recovery for various conditions.

HoweRT(r) uses frequencies carefully selected to address the sources of chronic pain, whether from trauma, repetitive use injuries, or an inflammatory condition such as arthritis. Programming this device combines advanced knowledge of frequency relationships with resonance theory – producing highly effective outcomes not found with other devices. While further research may be necessary, HoweRT(r) has already achieved remarkable success rates and is rapidly becoming the go-to treatment in many clinical settings.

Reduced Inflammation

Frequency specific microcurrent therapy works to increase ATP (adenosine triphosphate) production and therefore decrease inflammation. Since our cells use ATP to move, repair, and heal tissues, more ATP means less inflammation. Microcurrent also helps balance energy within tissues – a great asset when treating chronic pain conditions like fibromyalgia or auto or sports injuries.

FSM works by employing frequencies proven to stimulate cellular healing, reduce muscle spasms and tissue adhesion. Your practitioner may choose from one frequency or several combinations depending on the condition being treated; this allows them to treat the root cause rather than just mask symptoms – important since every pain generator can differ – such as muscles, tendons, bursa, joints nerves and even gallbladder issues can contribute to shoulder discomfort.

FSM relies heavily on accurate diagnosis in order to be effective; for instance, in cases of shingles there is only one frequency combination known to reduce pain completely while many frequencies can help shrink kidney stones but only some will provide relief of associated discomfort.

Clinical research has demonstrated the benefits of specific frequencies can help resolve viral infections, dissolve scar tissue, release trigger point muscles and increase energy (ATP) production to enhance organ function and much more. FSM utilizes low amperage current that does not stimulate sensory nerves – making it completely safe.

FSM is a noninvasive technique used for over four decades to speed bone healing, control muscle spasms, relieve arthritis pain, promote blood circulation, treat wounds and balance energy meridians. Carolyn McMakin made its discovery through pioneering work as a physical therapist; she achieved remarkable results using FSM on conditions such as fibromyalgia, herpetic neuralgia, joint pain, sprains muscle injuries carpal tunnel syndrome sciatic nerve pain TMJ disorder ovarian cysts uterine fibroids and many more!

Reduced Muscle Tension

FSM can access deeper levels of muscle tension that cannot be reached with traditional manual therapies like massage. Therefore, FSM is more effective at relieving both pain and stiffness associated with muscles as it softens them further to enable greater movement.

FSM can effectively reduce muscle tension because our practitioners utilise frequencies derived from scientific research. Microcurrent is known to stimulate skeletal muscle cell membranes into producing more ATP (adenosine triphosphate), increasing energy, improving function and optimising nervous system signalling (Watson and Nussbaum 2021).

Microcurrent applied directly to the skin has been demonstrated to increase cellular activity by activating cell membrane channels (Kim et al. 2017). This leads to greater production of proteins like enzymes and hormones; additionally, microcurrent can enhance production of Adenosine triphosphate by the body itself in some instances.

These results are important because they demonstrate how microcurrent can aid the body’s natural healing processes and restore balance to restore homeostasis, making it especially helpful in conditions like fibromyalgia and helping reduce pain, inflammation, and muscle tension.

FSM stands out as being very safe and non-invasive. There has been no record of microcurrent causing permanent damage to the body, and very rarely contraindicated; provided the appropriate frequencies and precautions (such as not treating through spinal cord injuries or disc bulges etc) are followed it can be used on almost anyone.

However, FSM should be used with caution in certain conditions (such as acute infections and new sprains/injuries within six weeks), so it is vital that patients consult with a trained practitioner to select appropriate frequencies – using incorrect frequencies can actually worsen symptoms; additionally patients may require lower amperage current or different sets of frequencies depending on their specific health needs.