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March 10, 2024Editor

Parasite Zapper by Dr Hulda Clark

Dr Hulda Clark contends that all diseases are caused by parasites. She suggests using herbs to kill these parasites, as well as passing an electric current through the body to electrocute them.

Her device, known as a Zapper, consists of a box which generates low voltage (usually dual polarity 5V square wave) electricity that passes through copper handles or electrodes for distribution to target areas.

How to Use

Dr Hulda Clark designed a small box containing components which produce a voltage of electricity that passes through your body, killing flukes, roundworms, mites, bacteria, viruses and fugai. This device is said to be effective against various parasite-caused diseases including AIDS and cancer as well as obesity, chronic infections and autoimmune disorders such as arthritis.

According to Dr. Clark, everything has its own resonant frequency; by tuning into pathogen resonant frequencies she was able to electrocute them. Her specialty frequencies can also help restore immunity in your body thereby curing numerous disease symptoms.

Dr. Clark made claims during her life that her treatment could cure cancer and AIDS, as well as asthma, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, heart disease depression schizophrenia sex problems gynecological problems parasitic diseases among others. These claims were supported by research she conducted using her parasite zapper among other techniques as well as personal experiences.

In her book The Cure For All Diseases, she details how parasites and pollutants cause most illness within humans. Through experimentation she determined that every case of diabetes could be traced back to Eurytrema parasites or wood alcohol pollution (Methanol).

Her method for killing parasites combines herbal treatments and her own electrical zapper to kill parasites effectively. According to her, this zapper has no side effects or interference with medications you may be taking, and recommends three days a week of using it for 7 minutes with 20 minute breaks in between, until a muscle test demonstrates clear. She suggests taking Eden Extract and Oregano oil to help prevent further outbreaks; additionally she warns against its use while pregnant or wearing pacemakers or taking blood-thinning medications.


The Zapper emits sweeping frequencies to kill bacteria, mold, yeast and parasites with its 9V battery power source. Dr Clark discovered that just like singing notes tuned to crystal glass resonant frequencies can shatter it, so too zapping specific pathogen frequencies with specific frequencies tuned zapper can electrocute them. It’s easy to use on anyone including infants. DC pulses may appear as AC current to ICD trigger detectors causing unwanted defibrillation shocks so if you have an ICD then use Leg or Arm Zapping method instead to avoid direct current entering your torso and cause unwanted defibrillation shocks if possible zapping can protect arteries preventing direct current from entering into torso via myo-arterysi.

Hulda Regehr Clark was a naturopath who claimed that all diseases and illness stemmed from parasitic infections. Her device, the Zapper, could treat everything from AIDS and cancer to diabetes, high blood pressure, seizures, chronic fatigue syndrome migraines Alzheimer’s Parkinson’s arthritis multiple sclerosis etc. Dr Clark also invented several other devices designed to exterminate parasites while cleansing the body of their toxic waste products.

When using a zapper, it is crucial that one or more individuals remain present to monitor for signs of shock as the parasites die. The recommended usage time for the zapper should be 7 minutes with 20-minute breaks between use; once all parasites have been eradicated from your system, sessions can be reduced to once or twice weekly thereafter.

After three days, it is normal to experience worsening symptoms as parasites begin dying off and being eliminated from your system. After 10 days have passed, this feeling should have completely dissipated as all parasites have been cleared away from your body.

The zapper is safe for pets; however, owners should ensure the wrist band (where the zapper is held on your pet’s neck or chest) remains moist using damp paper towel layers in order to avoid direct skin contact. Furthermore, users must take extra caution when trying to use the device with unfamiliar animals who could become startled by its electronic current sound and may become distressed from it.

Side Effects

Parasites steal vital nutrients from your body and erode immunity, eventually leading to serious conditions such as AIDS, cancer and obesity. According to Hulda Clark’s “Zapper”, parasites and other harmful organisms from entering through a simple electronic device known as the Zapper can be eliminated using this approach. The Supreme Zapper works by sending pulses of low-level electricity through the body’s tissues at nine-volt batteries to send low voltage pulses that kill parasites by inducing their cells to die off. It works based on the principle that parasites have positively charged cells while healthy tissues have negatively charged ones; so each parasite’s cells die as you send these low level electric pulses through them and through you! A zapper applies a small electric current through copper handles or electrodes you hold in your hands or place on various parts of the body, to deliver pulses of negative ions into the bloodstream that kill parasites by inverting their polarity; they also help living tissues to heal themselves more rapidly.

Hulda Regehr Clark was an innovator of alternative medicine who pioneered her own alternative treatments. As Hulda believed that parasites were behind many common health conditions, she developed herbal and electronic methods for eliminating them; such as fasting and laxative use to remove these organisms as well as devising devices like the “Zapper,” an electromagnetic signal emitter with specific frequencies to neutralise parasites, bacteria and viruses.

Though a variety of herbs and supplements can be used to kill parasites, zappers provide faster and easier solutions than herbal treatments. Clark’s zappers utilize 33kHz as the most effective universal frequency for killing microorganisms like parasites.

Some users have reported side effects from zapper use, although most side effects tend to be mild and temporary. If you experience any unusual symptoms while using your zapper, stop immediately and consult your physician or naturopath immediately. Pregnant women or those with implanted medical devices such as pacemakers should not use this zapper; also do not use while wearing jewelry as the ions from it could harm it.


Dr Hulda Clark designed her original Zapper as a small box with components, which produced low-intensity electric current that effectively killed parasites and other pathogens by exposing them to their respective resonant frequencies, as well as viruses, bacteria, fungi and yeast.

Original zapper circuits consisted of the 555 timer IC, NPN transistor and resistors to produce 30kilohertz frequency; users would hold or place copper handles around themselves to transmit this frequency through them to different parts of their bodies.

Frequency generator zappers come in various sizes, costs, and capabilities. Digital types will display frequencies for you while analog models allow for users to produce fractions of kilohertz by turning a dial.

Dr Clark Shop sells the German model called ‘Zapper Digital’ which is compatible with all the frequencies utilized by Dr Hulda Clark as detailed in her book “Cure For All Diseases”. Individual frequencies can be purchased separately in our online store to enable users to program their zapper according to any frequency desired by them.

March 10, 2024Editor

Holistic Nurse Practitioner Certification

Holistic nurse practitioners work in various environments, from private practices and birthing centers to integrative health clinics and integrative medicine practices, not forgetting alternative medicine settings like naturopathic practices and chiropractic offices.

Nurses interested in holistic nursing certification must complete an accredited nursing program to earn their BSN. In addition, they must pass their state’s nursing license exam and maintain unrestricted registered nurse licensure in order to practice.


Empathy is an invaluable skill for nurses. It enables them to form rapport with patients and tailor care specifically to each of their needs, ultimately improving patient satisfaction levels and outcomes as well as nursing careers more generally. Nurses with empathy tend to perform better at their jobs.

Empathy may be defined as either a trait or state; most agree it is essential for healthcare professionals. Studies have shown empathy to have many health advantages, including reduced stress levels and improved immune function; it can also increase treatment effectiveness by increasing adherence and decreasing pain levels.

Holistic nursing takes into account all aspects of health and wellbeing for its patients, which requires nurses to listen closely and respond accordingly to both emotional and physical cues from patients, identify potential imbalances, and guide patients towards wellness through lifestyle modifications or holistic interventions. Such an approach requires active listening and empathy from nurses – two essential skills.

Holistic medicine differs from other forms of healing by emphasizing preventative care and wellness promotion rather than treating disease as it manifests. Based on the idea that illness and disease are signs of deeper imbalance, holistic treatments available include nutrition therapy, herbal remedies massage therapy and meditation to address it all.

Many holistic nurses prefer working in private practices where they can incorporate various holistic techniques and therapies into the patients’ treatment plans. Some also choose to teach or pursue research – making being a holistic nurse practitioner an exciting career option that promises both professional growth and personal fulfillment.

Becoming a holistic nurse requires earning both your registered nursing (RN) license and meeting minimum educational requirements in your state. Once this has been accomplished, certification applications can be submitted. For basic level HN-BC certification you must graduate from an nationally accredited baccalaureate nursing program; advanced practice certifications AHN-BC and APHN-BC require higher degrees and additional training.

Integrative Care

Registered nurses interested in expanding their professional capabilities beyond treating illness to nurturing whole patient health should consider taking part in holistic nurse practitioner certification courses. This type of advanced practice nursing has become more prevalent as healthcare organizations shift away from treating disease toward providing services which foster well-being for their patients.

Holistic nurse practitioners are trained to treat their patients using an integrative mind-body approach that addresses physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. This form of nursing also takes into account their environment, relationships and lifestyle choices – for instance encouraging patients to engage in yoga and meditation practices, consume a healthy diet and take herbal supplements as recommended by holistic practitioners.

Holistic nurse practitioner certification allows for service provision in any health care setting and with different patients, particularly cancer patients who often experience emotional and physical side effects of cancer treatment, including fear and anxiety. A holistic nurse can assist these patients by alleviating some of their side effects as well as offering ways to cope with them and find peace.

Holistic nurse practitioners provide guidance to patients living with chronic illnesses who are looking for alternative therapies, like massage, meditation or acupuncture to manage their conditions more efficiently. Such holistic treatment may include massage, meditation or even other techniques like Reiki.

To become a holistic nurse, you must obtain at least a master’s degree in nursing with an emphasis on holistic practices, including graduate-level practicum experience. Many schools offer MSN programs with this as a focus, including standard master’s-level courses and discipline-specific electives like Mind-Body Practices in Holistic Nursing or Integrative Healing Modalities as electives.

Once you’ve earned your MSN, the next step should be obtaining your license as an advanced practice registered nurse. Depending on where you live, additional requirements may need to be fulfilled in order to become licensed; for example in some states full-time employment as an RN must occur at a hospital or health care facility that offers holistic nursing services in addition to passing both qualitative and quantitative evaluations in order to become certified as holistic nurses.

Patient-Centered Care

Patient-centric care involves considering an individual’s individual values, needs, and preferences in clinical decision making and outcome assessments. This approach provides valuable support throughout a holistic healthcare journey as well as improving outcomes for acute and chronic conditions alike.

Holistic nurse practitioners use active listening skills to foster therapeutic relationships with their patients and facilitate open discussions of physical and emotional concerns. This level of trust between holistic nurses and patients allows for easier navigation of care; furthermore it enables holistic nurses to identify underlying issues which may be contributing to physical or emotional discomfort which can then be addressed via additional healthcare modalities.

Holistic nurse practitioners promote patient participation in their healthcare by providing tools and guidance that empower individuals to make healthy lifestyle choices that reduce exacerbations of symptoms while deepening physical and spiritual well-being. They may offer nutritional or exercise advice tailored specifically for each patient’s dietary and metabolic requirements, or logistical and emotional support services for caregivers who may become overwhelmed with caring for someone with an ongoing medical condition.

Holistic nurses are sought out by patients suffering from chronic conditions or complex medical concerns due to their extensive knowledge of both traditional and alternative healing approaches. Their vast understanding allows them to navigate healthcare systems more easily, connecting patients with services they require at just the right time; and can advise patients about additional health practices like meditation or yoga that could potentially alleviate symptoms while improving quality of life.

Entry requirements to holistic nurse practitioner certification programs differ by school or program; however, all holistic NP certification requires registered nurses with at least two years’ experience as registered nurses in order to hold an unrestricted license to practice nursing in their state of practice. Furthermore, certain programs expect applicants to complete background checks and drug tests prior to being admitted into clinical parts of the program.

Community Collaboration

Holistic nurse practitioners differ from other nursing roles in that they address all aspects of a patient’s wellness, including emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions. Because of this holistic practice approach, holistic nurse practitioners tend to form close bonds with their patients which sets them apart from peers in this profession.

As evidence of their commitment, this can be seen during their patient intake interviews; here they take more time than typical nurses in reviewing each person’s full medical history and understanding their family dynamics. Furthermore, they respect patients’ own beliefs and practices when creating treatment plans and respect their autonomy when developing treatment plans for them.

Holistic nurses frequently recommend alternative therapies that have been proven to promote overall health and wellness, such as yoga, meditation, acupuncture and diet modifications. These may include yoga, meditation, acupuncture or diet modification as a part of holistic treatments.

Holistic nurses aim to assist people in creating balance in their lives and developing healthy habits to boost overall wellbeing. Furthermore, holistic nurses teach their patients how to use certain holistic healing techniques on their own for self-healing purposes and managing symptoms effectively.

Holistic nurses specialize in counseling and guidance related to depression, anxiety and stress through individual meetings or group therapy sessions. Furthermore, holistic nurses frequently participate in various other community activities – for instance teaching yoga classes or leading workshops on topics like meditation or diet changes for improved health.

Holistic nurses are committed to providing patients with exceptional healthcare. Their ability to connect with patients, assess and treat their overall wellbeing as well as offering alternative approaches for medical issues makes them invaluable members of healthcare teams worldwide.

Are You Considering Becoming a Holistic Nurse Practitioner? Carson-Newman’s Online FNP Program Can Get You Started Now If so, start your journey today by enrolling in Carson-Newman’s part-time and flexible FNP course online FNP Program offers part-time learning to prepare you for practice as an holistic Nurse Practitioner within clinical environments. Download our Free Program Guide To Understand More And Begin your career for an affordable price

March 10, 2024Editor

The Truth About Quantum Healing Med Beds

Med bed technology has long been kept under wraps from society. These pod-like beds, similar to an MRI scanner, can scan your body like an MRI machine and detect any problems instantly and treat them instantly.

Re-atomization technology can even regenerate an organ you have lost (such as your gall bladder or kidney). Regenerating such missing organs creates the impression that they never left in the first place.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a technology that mimics human behavior to develop intelligent machines. AI utilizes two main pillars for its development – engineering and cognitive science – as tools to process large volumes of data rapidly while simulating brain activity to create intelligent systems capable of making decisions quickly. AI as a field encompasses various disciplines such as machine learning, deep learning neural networks and natural language processing.

AI uses a combination of tools to understand speech and interpret its meaning, perform complex problem-solving, identify potential points of failure within products or processes and address them, automate time-consuming tasks to enhance overall productivity and automate time-consuming processes for greater productivity.

AI technology has numerous applications in healthcare, from diagnosing to treating patients. Babylon, an AI-powered digital consultation app, analyzes patient symptoms and history before providing recommendations for treatment plans. Other uses for AI in health data analysis include finding patterns or anomalies.

AI can also play an invaluable role in chronic wound care, monitoring healing processes, detecting infection, and foreseeing complications – an especially helpful service for people living with conditions such as diabetes or pressure injuries.

Additionally, AI systems offer patients a more tailored experience. Their ability to analyze patient histories and make personalized treatment recommendations based on past treatments makes a major impactful difference for doctors and nurses. Plus, AI helps create more cost-effective therapies for chronic wounds.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing how companies operate and serve their customers, opening up new business opportunities and developing innovative solutions. We expect AI will further disrupt business operations by becoming embedded within every aspect of company functions in 2022.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already being implemented into business practices in various ways, helping improve efficiency, speed up operations, increase profits, reduce costs and enhance customer service; security; however there remain several challenges that must be met, including privacy considerations, ethical considerations and their potential effect on jobs.

Tachyon Particle Energy

Tachyons, quantum particles that travel at faster-than-light, are the building blocks of our universe. Tachyons have the power to harmonize all frequencies within the electromagnetic spectrum and have an incredible calming effect on physical, emotional and etheric bodies – they may also help reverse aging processes while healing DNA back to its former youthful condition.

Tachyonic healing is founded on the idea that all matter and energy are composed of vibrating frequencies, and that these vibrations can be altered to bring about change in our material world. Tachyon energy may provide new possibilities in holistic healing practices.

Tachyon manipulation technology has long been employed by advanced corporations, military organizations and research institutions – most notably governments and military organizations – as an asset that they sought to exploit for defense and long-range communication purposes. Development was closely controlled while its application regarded as vitally important. Government and military bodies played a central role in its creation.

After the discovery and utilization of tachyon energy was put into use, many ethical questions about its usage arose regarding its responsible application. As a result, regulations and policies were put in place to control availability and limit uses while at the same time ensure responsible usage and prevent unintended temporal manipulation or invasion of privacy.

The Med Bed is a medical device that works by performing magnetic oscillations and resonance scans of skin, muscle tissue, organs, blood, and more to detect cancer, AIDS, multiple sclerosis and other diseases via abnormal cell growth detection. Additionally, this device can regenerate damaged tissues as well as revive cell function in lungs, kidneys and lymph nodes to repair damage caused by smoking or disease, reverse fibromyalgia symptoms, rheumatoid arthritis symptoms as well as provide health advice.

Tachyon therapy not only treats disease, but can help you reach higher states of consciousness as well. By activating the pineal gland and connecting with the universal mind, tachyon therapy can accelerate spiritual development. Furthermore, healing the body through emotional release or immune boost may improve circulation while improving overall immunity system function and circulation – making med beds an invaluable meditation tool that improves focus, balances emotions, and expands our ability to connect with one another.

Plasma (Plasma) Energy

Plasma is an extraordinary state of matter with several remarkable properties. It can be found naturally, like northern lights, or artificially produced in lab by strong gas discharges in cylindrical or tubular chambers that produce high temperatures vaporizing neutral molecules and ionizing neutral atoms to release free electrons and positively charged ions into space. Furthermore, plasma can also be contained by magnetic fields for applications such as fusion energy research.

Plasma has many uses in medical and cosmetic treatments, as well as pharmaceutical uses. It is commonly employed to kill bacteria, sterilize surgical instruments, and even food products due to its high chemical reactivity. Furthermore, plasma can produce ozone and peroxide which are both useful in disinfecting wounds and killing viruses.

Plasma has many uses to aid cancer treatments. The particles found within can target different areas of a tumor’s metabolism to disrupt it and eventually eradicate it entirely, providing complete healing for patients.

The technology being employed at many holistic healing centers nationwide provides an effective, non-invasive alternative to conventional medicines which often cause harmful side effects. Furthermore, this non-invasive technology is extremely cost effective as well as being easily purchased online.

The Plasma Med Bed is an innovative new device that can help treat various medical conditions, from relieving pain to improving mood and increasing energy levels. Furthermore, its boost immune system function may reduce inflammation and promote better sleep quality while it may even heal cancer cells – providing patients with chronic illnesses an alternative treatment method to chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Furthermore, this innovative treatment may increase oxygen levels within the body which improves mental clarity and decreases symptoms of depression.


Quantum healing med beds have long been predicted, and are expected to arrive sometime over the coming years. They aim to become the “fountain of youth”, helping reverse aging, heal diseases and illnesses, regrow missing limbs, regenerate organs and repair DNA at a cellular level.

These beds are expected to come in three distinct varieties, each offering different functions. Each will operate at various vibrational and frequency levels with features like refracting lenses, 3D scanners, surgically precise lasers that open and close wounds quickly and more. All three beds will work hand in hand with advanced artificial intelligence for seamless functionality – replacing traditional surgeries, radiation or even invasive procedures altogether.

These machines operate like an MRI scanner in which patients lie on a bed while an arm scans their bodies for any signs of injuries or illnesses, including fractures, cancerous tumors or facial damage caused by being close to an exploding hand grenade. Once detected, the machine uses a process known as re-atomization to heal their bodies using laser therapy.

This process works by administering plasmatic use energies to the body at an atomic level, breaking apart molecular bonds within ailments and reforming them into more useful structures. Finally, broken molecules are broken down further into smaller particles so they can easily be absorbed by body cells.

March 10, 2024Editor

What is R4u Energy Therapy?

The R4U Energy Therapy is an emerging micro current treatment method. Utilizing a special machine, resonance waves generated through practitioner hands are passed onto patients in order to induce healing effects and restore bioelectric current that has become diminished or blocked in our bodies.

March 10, 2024Editor

Energy Medicine Training by Donna Eden

Learn to harness energy to support the body’s natural healing capacity with this comprehensive training, designed specifically for beginners. It includes step-by-step video teachings, real-time exercises and applied practices as well as techniques that promote healing.

Donna Eden has developed what many consider the most comprehensive energy medicine system ever devised. Discover how you can consciously access the body’s extraordinary energy systems–such as Meridians, Chakras, Aura Radiant Circuits Five Rhythms Celtic Weave Electrics–to restore health and vitality.

Level 1: Fundamentals

Introduce energy tools that will enhance your natural healing capabilities to feel vital and energized. This comprehensive program features engaging video lessons, hands-on practice sessions, and downloadable handouts to guide your journey and unleash the amazing potential stored up within your body’s energy reserves. Discover a world of infinite possibility!

Conventional medicine focuses on biochemistry of cells, tissues and organs while energy medicine utilizes fields and pathways that organize growth and repair of these structures. Balancing energy flows is key to maintaining health, well-being and spiritual advancement; you will learn powerful foundational techniques here that you can incorporate into both your personal life as well as professional practice.

This one-year program will introduce you to the fundamental principles and techniques of EEM, with classes held over four extended weekends throughout the year in small class sizes to ensure personalized instruction and hands-on practice time; additional mentoring with your instructor helps keep you progressing toward mastery of its techniques. Based on Donna Eden’s 35 years of successful practice and research using energy as her main tool for healing, you will explore nine energy systems within the human body, learn to balance them for optimal health, as well as develop deeper awareness of yourself. You will study their nature before studying their role within these nine energy systems within, test and balance them for optimal health and awareness within yourself – plus learn how to balance them for optimal health & deeper self-awareness! Classes held four extended weekends throughout the year ensure personalized instruction & hands-on practice time & between-class mentoring keeps you moving toward mastery of these techniques!

As time has shown, we have observed that harnessing one’s body’s energies into optimal flow and balance is often missing from someone’s journey to healing. Furthermore, when these simple yet profound energy tools are integrated into the work of doctors, psychotherapists, massage therapists, acupuncturists or any other healing modalities their effectiveness can be exponentially enhanced.

At the completion of Level 1, you will possess the knowledge and ability to use these energy tools in both your own life, as well as those you work with as part of any healing profession. Furthermore, this class qualifies you to advance to Level 2 of Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner Certification Program should you eventually wish to establish a healing practice as an Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner.

Level 2: Advanced

Life force energy is at the root of physical vitality, mental clarity and emotional balance – and thus essential for our ability to heal ourselves and those around us. Through this advanced training you will discover nine distinct energy systems – Meridians, Chakras, Auras, Radiant Circuits, Five Rhythms Celtic Weave Electrics Basic Grid – designed to promote physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Over this one-year program, you will experience Donna Eden and her senior practitioners, along with expert faculty from other areas of study. Each class takes place over an extended weekend and features in-depth instruction with downloadable handouts to aid your practice between classes. In-depth Q & A sessions with Donna, David, and other senior instructors will further your understanding of this remarkable work.

Donna has developed techniques that teach anyone, regardless of your ability to see it, ways to track and move energy throughout their body using simple techniques anyone can easily learn. Recognizing that many need help healing their bodies, Donna has provided practical tools that empower you to take responsibility for both your own wellbeing and that of loved ones.

These four extended weekends will equip you with knowledge and skills that will last a lifetime. You will acquire practical tools that you can share with friends, family members, clients and healthcare providers; giving you confidence to start your own wellness practice or provide care-giver support for loved ones’ physical and emotional well-being.

Successful completion of Year 1 qualifies you to apply to enroll in Year 2 of our Practitioner Certification Program held in Phoenix, Arizona; Chicago; Illinois or Baltimore, Maryland. Alternatively, if your progress has met with your satisfaction you can opt out after Year 1. Either way you will receive a certificate showing that you completed this Eden Energy Medicine program; plus you’ll get 50% discounts off Innersource products as well as special savings at certain conferences!

Level 3: Advanced Practitioner

As everything in the Universe is composed of energy, our bodies too are made of it and its movement affects all areas of health in an unpredictable manner. Luckily, however, our bodies come equipped with their own natural healing systems that we can leverage by tapping into what the body needs for optimal functioning – tuning in on their unique energy signature is one way we can support this growth and wellbeing.

Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine techniques have assisted millions of people worldwide in connecting with the body’s own healing abilities. Her system teaches you how to observe an individual’s energy field, identify energetic blocks or weaknesses and mobilize nine main energies that govern human biology. These energy techniques may open doors of possibility that may have seemed previously out of reach – for massage therapists or Reiki masters as well as healthcare providers or anyone simply looking to enhance health and well-being themselves.

This comprehensive course introduces Eden Energy Medicine through four extended weekend courses spaced one year apart, designed to fit easily into your busy life and schedule. Each weekend session is taught by qualified teaching assistants in a small class setting; we also include significant at-home supervised practice between classes so that when you leave class you’re prepared to begin applying energy techniques on yourself or others!

Make an impressionful, effective energy healer – learning to combine different techniques into an engaging session will become second nature! Our Level 3 advanced training course will equip you to tune into, trust your instincts, and get healing energy flowing for clients. Furthermore, this advanced course will offer insights into expanding the concepts and principles unique to this system of healing energy healing.

Becoming an Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner will allow you to help the people in your family, community and surroundings thrive. Gain credibility and value for your business through this professional certification that adds a powerful modality of energy healing – whether as part of an existing healing practice, or starting one dedicated solely to energy healing. Join a global movement blending ancient healing traditions with modern scientific research in awakening your body’s natural healing potential!

Level 4: Advanced Practitioner

Donna Eden is an iconic leader and teacher in Energy Medicine. Her time-tested energy healing methods align perfectly with Western Medicine and enable people to heal themselves; now thousands of her students–including physicians and nurses–use these tools with their patients or clients to aid their healing processes.

She is one of the most sought-after, joyful, and authoritative voices for Energy Medicine; an innovative healing system which emphasizes working with one’s energy systems to restore health and natural vitality. Additionally, she leads a global movement dedicated to manifesting a world in which all beings can live peacefully together with prosperity for all.

Energy Medicine is an efficient and quick to learn form of therapy. No matter whether it be chronic conditions, injuries or simply improving overall well-being – Energy Medicine offers an alternative that’s often missed by conventional medicine providers.

At this level, you will become comfortable working with all eight energy systems that form Donna’s approach to energy healing (meridians, chakras, aura, radiant circuits, five Rhythms, Celtic Weave, Triple Warmer Electrics and Grid). At this stage of development, knowledge and skills gained will allow for further advancement into becoming an advanced practitioner – making you eligible to teach these methods to others.

While learning energy healing systems, you’ll gain a deeper insight into what they are and how they work by exploring key teachings from nine distinct energy traditions as well as contemporary science. At the conclusion of this course you will take away many useful energy tools that you can use with family, friends, clients, or patients alike.

Experienced faculty members (with special appearances by Donna) lead this class, providing interactive hands-on sessions and live demonstrations. A small TA/Student ratio creates an intimate learning environment; you must pass an open book test, attend an in-person review session, and participate in prescheduled Zoom or Facetime demonstrations after every quarterly class session.