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Quantum Touch Energy Healing

quantum touch energy healing

Quantum-Touch uses vibrational healing energies to address physical, emotional, and spiritual concerns. X-rays have shown bones realign spontaneously when exposed to this high-vibration energy – also referred to as life force, chi, prana, mana or skan.

Many students begin learning this work from books before moving on to attending in-person or online instructor workshops.

What is Quantum-Touch?

Quantum-Touch is an innovative energy healing system designed to enable lay people and healers alike to access and direct universal Life Force Energy. By practicing simple breathing, intention setting, and body awareness techniques, Quantum-Touch practitioners learn to raise their vibration to tap into this inherent healing force and make use of its healing potential.

Healing energy is both safe and remarkably potent, helping the body maximize its own innate capacity to heal itself while also targeting root causes of health conditions. Used alongside other healing modalities, this healing energy can accelerate recovery processes while increasing wellness levels while expanding one’s capacity to recognize life’s beautiful synchronicities.

Quantum-Touch can not only speed the healing of physical injuries, but it can also assist with emotional healing and facilitate spiritual guidance integration into daily life. When one can release core emotions through Quantum-Touch therapy, their body can return to a state of optimal wellbeing while an enhanced relationship with the universe emerges.

Students of our workshops find great joy in discovering how easily they can assist the body in moving bones back into alignment, often before lunch break on day 1! In this video, Gerry, who attended a QT workshop with severe curvature of his spine known as scoliosis, shared how his spine was visibly transformed after only one hour under light touch from a QT practitioner.

This technique can be easily learned by anyone and serves as an excellent complementary treatment to massage therapy, chiropractic care, doctorate programs, nursing services and acupuncture practices. Norman Shealy M.D. of American Holistic Medical Association fame has even endorsed it!

Healing energy has helped me recover from an old neck injury that had been bothering me for years. After just a few sessions, the pain has greatly decreased while my range of motion returned. I would highly recommend this healing technique to anyone living with chronic conditions or simply looking to enhance overall wellbeing.

How does Quantum-Touch work?

Quantum-Touch provides energy healing therapists with an innovative program for amplifying and channeling Life Force Energy for maximum wellness. Commonly referred to as chi or prana in Sanskrit, Life Force Energy flows throughout all living beings and is responsible for amplifying their innate healing intelligence; amplifying it can yield astounding and sometimes unexpected benefits on health and vitality.

Quantum Touch energy healing therapists are becoming highly adept at producing impressive results for their clients, thanks to its unique therapeutic techniques. Instead of siphoning off energy from clients like other healing modalities do, Q-T practitioners maintain high vibrational energies themselves that resonate with clients – this creates powerful synergy where one healer complements and supports another, leading to healthier bones, pain reduction, and many other benefits being experienced by clients.

Practitioners can incorporate Quantum-Touch with other healing modalities, such as massage therapy, chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture, and more for maximum effect. Many massage therapists start their energy healing training with Quantum-Touch due to its practical applications and strong foundational knowledge for advanced healing work. It even can be used remotely – meaning even those far away can take advantage of its powerful capabilities!

Quantum-Touch differs from Reiki by not requiring attunements as part of its certification requirements for teachers and practitioners, instead imposing specific criteria that must be fulfilled to become certified Quantum-Touch practitioners – for instance completing either a book or attending either live or interactive video workshops to become an official Quantum-Touch practitioner.

Quantum-Touch offers three levels of training: Practitioner, Advanced Practitioner and Instructor. Each Level builds upon the previous one by offering additional tools, techniques and energy work that help expand your abilities and healing capacities.

Level 1 will teach you to use your hands to heal yourself and others. You will gain an appreciation of the innate healing power of love as well as its importance in all your healing work. In Level 1, you’ll also learn to sense and balance energy deficiencies, dietary issues, emotional attitudes and mental states of mind.

How can I heal myself with Quantum-Touch?

Quantum-Touch is an energy healing technique that empowers you to tap into the life-force energy within, to relieve pain, restore emotional balance and achieve transformational self-healing. Combining breathing techniques with energy healing principles for balance rebalancing of the body’s energies while activating its natural healing mechanisms.

QT practitioners find themselves revitalized and revitalized as their energy fields remain clear of interference, giving clients’ vibrations room to increase and resonate with them. By mirroring and reflecting client energy back to them, their innate healing process kicks in: hips and cranial bones realign, pain diminishes, and the body remembers its inherent intelligence to heal itself without technological interference.

Richard Gordon is a visionary and pioneer in energy healing. His courses have been held worldwide at medical centers and chiropractic colleges. In this seven-week course, Richard will guide you step by step through QT using breathwork and body awareness techniques to increase energy and healing potential.

Listen to Tyler Odysseus and Richard Gordon discuss (now through September 14th 2023)

Join Tyler and Richard for this engaging, experiential class in which you’ll discover how to utilize Quantum-Touch energy for both in-person and distance healing. Experiment with how to direct your life force energy toward healing yourself and others using guided deep breathing, body awareness techniques, and color visualizations.

Discover the incredible power of remote energy healing for yourself, others around you – and even animals! This method can reverse injuries and illnesses quickly.

Discover how to align your own hips and cranial bones quickly, while feeling secure that you’re supporting the health of those you care for using the incredible power of Quantum-Touch healing. HSP’s and empaths tend to appreciate its use as it doesn’t require physical contact for use.

How can I heal others with Quantum-Touch?

Quantum-Touch techniques allow us to facilitate healing for others. This technique teaches us to focus and amplify life force energy using breathing exercises and body awareness exercises, creating an enormously high-level energy field around any source of pain, stress or inflammation that will entrain with this frequency and accelerate organ healing via resonance and entrainment principles.

Basic Reiki healing technique is easy and can be used both individually or remotely, in conjunction with other healing modalities like acupuncture, chiropractic care and massage therapy.

Reiki can also help to bolster immunity and maintain emotional equilibrium, making it an empowering way to harness this powerful source of energy for themselves and those they care for.

Certified practitioners must fulfill certain requirements in order to become licensed practitioners, including attending an online class or live instructor-led basic workshop and performing 50 healing sessions as minimum requirements. Furthermore, practitioners are expected to abide by an ethics code designed to safeguard client confidentiality while discouraging exaggerated claims.

Although Quantum-Touch can be practiced at a distance, we strongly recommend taking an instructor-led distant healing course to learn how to achieve truly exceptional results. You will gain insight into nutrition, energy deficiencies, emotional attitudes, mental framesets and spiritual attunement levels of your clients – which all make a big difference in creating remarkable healing results.

Start your journey into Quantum-Touch energy healing with the Energy Boost mini-class, both online and in person. In just two hours you will gain immediate experience cultivating this incredible energy to benefit yourself and those close to you – it is an ideal introduction to energy healing for those navigating turbulent waters like these!