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What Does a Natural Healer Mean?

natural healer meaning

Healers possess the capacity to recognize all the factors contributing to their patients’ subjective suffering and recognize multiple perspectives on this matter. This ability, known as equanimity, enables healers to effectively adopt and integrate varied viewpoints without losing balance or composure.

Rongoa healers work to establish healthy connections to whenua (land) in order to restore holistic physical, mental, and spiritual well-being through cultivating tikanga and matauranga within children and youth populations.

1. You are sensitive

Are You Sensitive and Feel What Others Feel? (TSF). Additionally, sensitive people often understand and can sense positive or negative energies around them more readily than most people can; empaths are natural healers with special talents that many don’t recognize or take notice of. This makes you an extraordinary healer with incredible gifts which many others don’t acknowledge nor want to learn about.

Animals seem to understand your needs more readily than most humans do, as they seem drawn towards you and know when something hurts. Your love of nature often allows it to work its healing magic on you – taking time out in nature can help reawaken spiritual self-expression.

Natural healers tend to be extremely kind, compassionate individuals. Their goal is to ensure everyone leads an enjoyable life with no one suffering in any way; they don’t engage in office gossip or other negative discussions that might harm others. If you are sensitive, chances are high you have always felt an affinity with spiritual forces in some form or another.

As a healer, you are at risk of experiencing the emotions of those seeking assistance from you. This can be emotionally draining if repeated cases present similar challenges; to ensure optimal results it’s important that you can distinguish your own feelings from those of your clients so as to provide guidance without becoming emotionally involved yourself.

Healers tend to have a strong connection to Universal energy and can channel it toward those in need, either directly by touching their bodies or indirectly through “laying on of hands”, an ancient healing technique. You can even perform this service from a distance.

Healers tend to be highly intuitive individuals who can predict how certain situations or relationships will unfold, due to having an expansive view of life’s big picture and sensing people’s intentions before they manifest in physical form. Healers also possess an in-depth knowledge of why certain events take place here and can see their connections among various aspects.

2. You are intuitive

Natural healers are individuals able to use energy healing for themselves and others. These individuals often connect with spirits, angels, or other spiritual beings for guidance regarding life situations or answers to questions they need answered about spiritual matters. Natural healers can help people overcome emotional and physical discomfort without resorting to medication or chemical substances.

Natural healers possess an incomparable sense of compassion for others and the ability to empathize with them, and are adept at empathizing with clients in need. In addition to these qualities, a natural healer often has a deep connection to the universe that allows them to channel universal energy directly into the bodies of their clients – sense and see it within auras, chakras and other physical structures in patients as they heal them.

As intuitive energy healing may require learning the techniques and methods, it is best to seek an experienced teacher or mentor in order to acquire this type of healing. Reiki, acupuncture, massage therapy, shamanism psychotherapy tarot cards crystal work aromatherapy spending time in nature are just some of the methods you could try!

Nurturing your intuition takes practice and dedication, but its rewards are great. Your intuition acts like your inner GPS; by listening and following it, your life will run more smoothly – like tuning an old car so it runs properly.

An intuitive person is adept at picking up on small clues that other people miss, for example: one of my clients kept feeling sad throughout our sessions together and didn’t express his distress – when pressed about this feeling he revealed that his ex-wife had recently passed away.

To develop your intuition, it’s essential to play around with it and examine both successes and failures. Try tasks such as guessing who’s calling when the phone rings or seeing if you can “read” other people’s emotions from their body language. Meditation or prayer will further open your heart and expand consciousness which will aid your intuitive skills.

3. You are a healer

As a natural healer, your life purpose should be to assist others in finding emotional, mental and spiritual wellness. Healers form part of humanity’s collective consciousness and work alongside the universe to bring healing energy directly to those in need. Many times they find inspiration for this calling after experiencing illness themselves – something which brings home just how much hurt there is out there in need of relief.

Natural healers tend to be drawn to studying various healing modalities such as hypnotherapy, yoga, qigong and meditation as they’re drawn towards learning more about our energy matrix known as aura and chakras.

Natural healers understand that physical discomfort can often be the result of emotional turmoil in one’s past, so they utilize introspection and insight techniques to facilitate an effective healing process that allows their clients to let go of these negative feelings and allow universal energy to once more flow freely through them.

Healers are highly intuitive individuals who can sense the energies around them. Healers know when healing forces are present, and can direct this energy towards those areas of their clients’ bodies that require help most – for instance if someone complains of neck discomfort, the healer might instinctively place their hand on their feet instead. Listening and following intuition’s lead allows natural healers to treat clients precisely.

Becoming a natural healer requires dedication and selflessness in serving others. Without this dedication, individuals may attempt to hide their gifts or feel discouraged when their desired results don’t materialize. In order to become a professional healer in the US, training and certifications may be required before being recognized as such; there are various associations offering referral lists of practitioners they can join if interested. Nonetheless, it should be remembered that no healer has the power to cure all diseases; only doctors have that authority.

4. You are a natural healer

Healers employ various approaches to promote holistic wellbeing for their clients, including herbal medicines, massage therapy, acupuncture, Reiki energy healing and other energetic healing modalities.

Your natural healing skills come out in how you take care of yourself and others. Perhaps herbs and teas are appealing, or perhaps meditation or Reiki treatments are preferred; perhaps you have an impressive collection of healing gemstones such as crystals. Perhaps holistic retreats offer new methods of natural health care.

Your medical treatment might leave you frustrated, and you have an overwhelming urge to find more natural, noninvasive ways of helping people. You understand the power of human spirit, harness it, and use it for healing others naturally. Healing itself is an innate process; just don’t let life get in the way!