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Hulda Clark and the Zapper

zapper clark

Hulda Clark created an electronic circuit using Royal Raymond Rife’s theories as inspiration, known as the Zapper, powered by 9v batteries to kill parasites, bacteria, viruses and fungi.

The Zapper produces frequencies which resonate with the natural frequency of pathogens and then devitalise them, which differs from Rife’s Ray machines which use specific frequencies for each pathogen.

What is a Zapper?

A bug zapper is an electronic device used to attract bugs or other pests into a small enclosed space via wire meshes, before using electricity to kill them. These bug zappers are commonly seen outside homes and food handling areas to try to control mosquito populations that cause itchy bumps while transmitting diseases like West Nile Virus, Encephalitis Malaria Yellow Fever; other versions exist that target fleas ticks ants etc.

Hulda Clark is an influential independent research scientist who pioneered a revolutionary naturopathic cleansing program called the Zapper to support immune function. According to Clark, this device destroys parasites, viruses, bacteria, mycelium and fungus through low frequency electricity pulses while healing diseased tissue at the same time.

The parasite zapper, or “zapper,” runs on a 9-volt battery and emits low-frequency electrical current that you won’t feel through your skin. This current stimulates white blood cells of your body while simultaneously introducing negative ions into the skin surface to kill parasites by inverting their polarity and healing diseased tissue.

Unlike most electrical devices, the zapper uses low voltage electromagnetic energy rather than direct current. It features two copper handles or electrodes which you hold in your hands or place on various parts of the body to generate low-voltage electromagnetic energy instead of direct current. Dr Hulda Clark first invented its circuitry using 555 timer integrated circuit technology which generates square wave current of positive offset voltage from nine-volt battery at about 4.5V/3.5 Milliamps output from battery source.

Be sure to regularly inspect your zapper, especially during fly season, as its filter can quickly fill with insect debris and unkilled organisms like Campylobacter jejuni, Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus aureus and Enterococci – potentially harmful contaminants which will quickly fill its chambers. Clean the DynaZapper weekly or more often during peak times of year to maintain optimal performance. Many models of DynaZapper have trays which trap insect debris for easier cleaning. Also it is wise to replace bulbs regularly as their efficiency decreases over time. Before changing any bulbs on the zapper, be sure to switch it off and allow it to cool before proceeding. Rechargeable batteries may be more eco-friendly and cost effective alternatives; we advise using them over disposable alkaline ones due to environmental and economic considerations.

How to Use

Dr Hulda Clark created the Zapper to kill parasites (including flukes and round worms ), viruses, and bacteria in the body. It works by emitting low frequency electric current that passes through hands of users into body, killing parasites by inverting their negative charges while also providing beneficial ions into tissues that help heal delicate tissue healing. Ideally it should be used regularly in order to keep parasites and bacteria at bay in one’s own body.

To use the zapper, plug it into a standard 9-volt battery and place its copper handles around your body or hold them with both hands. It should output a 30kHz positive offset square wave frequency which should appear on an oscilloscope without negative spikes as stated by Dr. Clark in his books. There are numerous zappers on the market, but to maximize results it is wise to select one that has been rigorously tested and which complies with his frequency and pulse duty cycle specifications.

The zapper should be left on for at least 45 minutes each time it is used, with some reporting feeling a slight heating sensation during treatment and experiencing emotional relief due to reduced stress in their lives.

Importantly, it must be remembered that a zapper is an experimental device not approved by the FDA. While no scientific data supports its claims of parasite-fighting properties or relief from other ailments after using one, many people have reported success using their zapper to reduce parasite infestation and other ailments.


Used correctly, zappers provide a safe and effective alternative to chemical pesticides. By emitting positive voltage that kills parasites such as flukes, roundworms, mites and viruses while emitting mild electromagnetic fields to stimulate natural healing processes of your body, they’re an effective and safe solution to pest problems.

When hanging the zapper in your yard, the optimal location should be away from seating areas and at least 15 feet from where people spend most of their time outdoors. Bugs that hit the wire grid of a zapper get vaporized into dust – any closer could result in flying bug body parts harming people nearby or even hitting them directly!

To protect against injury when using the zapper, it is vital that users wear protective eyewear. Furthermore, it should be treated like any other power tool; treating it like an expensive toy would only lead to accidents and injuries. Furthermore, all safety instructions included with your zapper should be strictly abided by; even though they might not cause as severe injuries as a power saw could.

Side Effects

Hulda Clark made several claims regarding her device which were either not supported by scientific research or debunked by independent studies. Still, many who used the zapper have reported benefits such as reduced symptoms of illness and increased energy levels; however it should not replace medical advice from qualified healthcare providers.

The Zapper works by emitting pulsed electric fields (PEF), which disrupt the lifecycles of parasites and microorganisms that infiltrate our bodies. Dr. Raymond Rife identified 33kHz as being effective against killing parasites, bacteria, viruses, mycelium fungus and mites as well as flukes tapeworms and mites – an ideal frequency.

Even though the zapper has yet to be studied in clinical settings, its design suggests it may help support digestive health by targeting harmful organisms that reside in the intestinal tract. By emitting low-level electrical charges that disrupt membranes of these organisms, which ultimately cause them to detach from their host and die; potentially helping reduce toxic waste that builds up over time in our intestines and causes digestion issues.

In addition, zappers may help relieve headaches and other ailments associated with chronic stress. Some users report decreased headaches; for others using the device has either eliminated migraine attacks entirely or made them less severe.

The zapper has been designed to be safe and straightforward to use, minimizing potential risks by following its instructions carefully. Furthermore, any contact between your body parts that conduct electricity (eyes, testicles and inner ears) and the device should be avoided at all costs; additionally it would be wise to connect it to a grounded electrical outlet when possible.

The SuperZappicator offers another alternative to the zapper that seeks to address some of its limitations. By connecting directly to skin using alligator clips instead of handholds, it allows it to kill parasites on surfaces as well as treat gastrointestinal disorders directly.