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The Spooky2 Shop

spooky2 shop

The Spooky2 Shop is an essential stop for fans of horror. Open year round and offering merchandise galore, its offerings make an enjoyable visit an essential one.

This feature allows you to combine frequencies from two generator outputs on an XM or Boost, which is essential for some protocols as it helps prevent USB data errors.

Scalar GeneratorX Pro Essential Kit

The Spooky2 Portable GeneratorX Pro Essential Kit contains everything necessary for setting up the latest Rife system in a convenient package. Use krachtige scalar energy for general well-being while performing biofeedback scans to address specific health concerns.

The GeneratorX (GX) Pro is the world’s most advanced Rife generator, packed with innovative features. A significant upgrade from its predecessor Spooky2-XM generator, it can run a maximum of 30 programs simultaneously with any waveform and can be operated either in Remote mode or Contact mode – plus features such as biofeedback for accurate assessment as well as independent operation without needing access to a computer system.

Scalar treatment devices like this one are unique in providing three distinct approaches for transmitting healing scalar waves: pure, molecular and Rife waves. Each method recharges cells while replenishing energy on physical, emotional and spiritual levels – providing an ideal non-drug way to heal oneself.

Spooky2 Scalar, GeneratorX Pro and Scalar Digitizer with two BNC cables are included for biofeedback scans with GX. The Scalar Digitizer monitors scalar field during frequency scanning to detect subtle body reactions to changes that reveal subtle biofeedback scans using Spooky2. The Scalar Digitizer also helps identify small variations within body chemistry which may indicate any subtle responses by tracking changes within its frequency spectrum and monitoring potential body reactions caused by changing frequencies in its output signal.

Spooky2 PEMF coil is a high quality and robust device. Constructed with thicker gauge wires and double shielding to block unwanted noise in electronics while maintaining signal integrity, the cable can connect directly to both Spooky XM and Central Generators and operates in either contact or remote modes for maximum versatility.

Remote Kit

Spooky2 offers a selection of remote mode devices to enhance health and wellbeing, such as frequency generators that emit powerful electromagnetic fields to produce resonance within both body and surrounding environment. Furthermore, these devices can help treat diseases and disorders including cancer and Lyme disease.

Spooky2 will offer exclusive frequencies in three kits tailored specifically to specific health concerns for their Black Friday sale, this year with doubled membership points awarded on all purchases made during this promotion.

The Spooky2 Remote Kit is an excellent way to experience the power of Rife Machine systems without needing multiple machines. This kit includes both the Spooky2 Portable Central Single Generator Kit and Spooky2 GeneratorX Pro Essential Kit – giving you all you need for maximum Rife experience without spending multiple machines’ worth on multiple units.

The GeneratorX Pro is the world’s most advanced Rife generator, packed with cutting-edge technology. With an upper frequency limit of 5MHz and full biofeedback scanning capability, it runs without relying on any computer for operation.

The Portable Central is a small, lightweight device designed to deliver remote mode treatments. Connect it directly to a laptop or desktop, easily carry it in your bag, and come complete with its own protective carrying case when not in use. Perfect for anyone wanting to add Spooky2 Remote mode onto existing Spooky2 setups or wanting to explore Rife frequencies further; Albert Einstein called Spooky2 Remote mode “Spooky action at a distance.” It works across most conditions.

Scalar Coil

The Scalar Coil is a device used to transmit healing scalar waves. Similar to Tesla flat coils, but with additional capabilities such as transmitting longitudinal impulses. These impulses can pass through solid metal containers without losing power or producing over-unity gains of energy – an advanced technology suitable for advanced medical and personal development applications.

This device can transmit healing scalar signals in pure, molecular, and Rife modes to facilitate effective and easy usage. Furthermore, its modulator functionality enables Rife frequencies to be altered for maximum effectiveness and ease of use. Furthermore, this unique scalar wave device offers three distinct transmission methods, giving users the flexibility to find one which suits them best.

Scalar wave generators are easy to set up and offer numerous benefits, from detoxifying the body to relieving pain, healing chronic conditions and decreasing stress and improving immunity – not to mention treating cancer, pain management, insomnia depression anxiety as well as entrainment!

Spooky2 Scalar is a multifunctional scalar wave device that is capable of projecting and storing energy in its powerful orgone energy generator at its base, and features Rodin Coils, Bifilar Tesla Coils and strong orgone healing crystals for enhanced orgone therapy. Furthermore, its large orgone energy generator and multiple Tesla Coils enable it to spread energy over a wider area, as well as recharge larger healing crystals which would not otherwise receive its energy directly.

Blushield believes scalar energy science will become increasingly prominent in our daily lives in the near future. As one of the cornerstones of technological progress, its application spans energy production, physical healing, environmental cleanup and space travel – as depicted by films, books and media for decades now.

To use a scalar wave generator, just connect it to your computer or laptop via USB and launch its software. From here, select any frequency from its extensive database before selecting resonance with that frequency – once found, your scalar wave will begin transmitting.

Cold Laser Wrist

Spooky2 Cold Laser Wrist is an easy and portable way to experience low level laser therapy’s benefits. Designed to fit comfortably around the wrist, its powerful laser light therapy beam can easily target blood supply, carpal tunnel, meridian complexes and more – plus its probe can even be inserted directly into mouth or fingertip for pinpoint application.

Spooky2 TENS electrodes are self-adhesive electrodes designed to connect with our TENS cable (sold separately). Our kits often include these electrodes to make contact mode frequency treatments much simpler. Spooky2 Large Tens pads offer additional contact points with your skin while giving more power access into your body.

The Spooky2 Coil can be connected to the High Power Contact output on a GeneratorX Pro for imprinting or frequency entrainment purposes, or combined with a Spooky2 Boost for increased power.

Spooky2 setup can become an invaluable biofeedback scanner with this accessory, creating customized treatment programs. It works by recording pulse rate with a comfortable silicon ear clip before scanning frequencies that resonate best with you body.

Recent research demonstrated how using a laser-assisted burn wound energy balancing system accelerated third degree burn wound healing significantly faster, with treated wounds closing on average within 10.4 days compared with 14.8 days for untreated burns.

The USB Filter removes interference from Rife plasma systems that could otherwise cause data errors on USB-controlled generators and prevent them from working correctly, an essential element in every Spooky2 kit.